Well i’m back from 3 busy days of high school!

 10th June-I was really nervice and jumpy when i got up and i was so excited that i couldn’t be bothered having breakfast. Mum said i had to ‘Because its the most important meal of the day’. I got changed and made sure i looked good, hair straightened, lipgloss on, etc.Sophie,Rhiann and Monica came for me and we all walked up. We waited for ages until Mrs vass & Miss Keen came up! We all got into the building and sat in our form classes. There was one person i knew who sat beside me,it was Emily and i’m glad she sat beside me beacuse then i would be a loner. Ok, this is the bit i’m going to shorten. Mrs Buchans H U G E speech about coming to LHS. It went on for ages and then finally, after that we all went and got our  prefects and they took us to class.I had Maths first of all which wasn’t to bad.After the teaching part of the lesson we all moved down and had lunch. I had a Pasta King,which was amazing! After lunch Lewis, Harris & Skye(i’m in Skye) went to different workshops. My first day at LHS was great!

 11th June- We akll walked up as usual and went into the assembly hall. Today was going to be a hard working day with no workshops or anything at the end. I had English which was great, Maths was ok,i had H/E(cooking) which i really enjoyed because we made cakes and then i had Geography which was the most boring thing on earth.

12th June- It was my last day and i was really upset i didn’t want to leave! We all walked up and did the same routine as the last 2 days. Assembly hall/Classes. I had H/E,English and french. For lunch i had a baguette with cheese yummy! After Lunch the three houses Lewis,Harris & Skye went to more workshops. I was sad to leave high school on Thursday but its not to bad because i’m going back in August forever

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2 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Hi!
    Hope you’re enjoying your holidays so far!
    I’ve just finished reading your book and it’s really really fab! I loved it, full of useful information!

    Miss L 🙂

  2. hey Miss Law x

    I am really sad about going you have been great! 😀

    Thanks for reading the book & please stay in touch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ly x

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