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I have decided to do a post on a book that i am reading at the moment called Girl Missing and runnig for her life.So far it is BRILL!! =) I would give it **********10 STARRSSSS!!!

“Lauren is adopted and eager to know more about her mysterious past.But when she discovers she may have been snatched from an Ameican family as a baby,her life suddenly feels like a sham.Why will no one answer her questions?How can she find her biological mum and dad?And are her parents really responsible for kidnapping her?”

Lauren runs away from her family to find out the truth,but her journey takes her into more and more danger-as she discovers that the people who abducted her are prepared to do anything to keep her silent…….

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2 thoughts on “Book Review

  1. It’s great when you just love a book so much that you want to recommend it, isn’t it!

    Maybe we could have a ‘book sharing’ club or something – bring in fav. books when we’re finished reading them so that others can borrow them then give their opinion?

    I’m going to write that thought in my ‘mid. night ramblings notebook’ 🙂

  2. Hi Anna!
    Sounds like a GREAT book, unfortunately i haven’t read it! I wish i had, it sounds so AMAZING AND FUN!!!! 😛
    Everyone knows how hard it is if you find out that you are an orphan. So i could really feel how sad Lauren feels. The adventure could wind me away with it!
    So you like reading too? I ADORE it! Yay sister!! 😉
    Can you please tell Monica this, because i couldn’t reach her blog, something said that i had to enter the anti spam word and it didn’t work, so yeh. Can you please show her this comment for me? Thanks!
    Hi Monica!
    Happy Birthday! That is such a beautiful story! I love how you describe it so greatly, well done! Those words made me feel as if i was right there, when your mum asked you if you liked the cake.
    I wish i was there to blow the candles with you, talk to you, play with you and have fun! I hope you can continue that LOVELY story, i am eagerly waiting!! Keep it up!! 😉 Maybe, just maybe, i will be able to go to Scotland you see you in years away! I hope!? 😀
    Bye and S.I.T! (Stay in touch!) 😆

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