Well i’m leaving Carronshore to go to L.H.S in August! Today was our last day and it was really sad. We had an assembly and got a dictionary :). I would like to thank Mrs Vass for being such a great teacher and for being there all the time and to be honest she isn’t like a teacher at all. She’s just like a taller friend ;). I would also like to thanks Miss Law for being so kind and for helping the class. I am really sad the now and i thought this post would help but its kind of making me cry;; BYE CARRONSHORE AND THANKS TO ALL THE TEACHERS AND BYE MRS VASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥ 


Well i’m back from 3 busy days of high school!

 10th June-I was really nervice and jumpy when i got up and i was so excited that i couldn’t be bothered having breakfast. Mum said i had to ‘Because its the most important meal of the day’. I got changed and made sure i looked good, hair straightened, lipgloss on, etc.Sophie,Rhiann and Monica came for me and we all walked up. We waited for ages until Mrs vass & Miss Keen came up! We all got into the building and sat in our form classes. There was one person i knew who sat beside me,it was Emily and i’m glad she sat beside me beacuse then i would be a loner. Ok, this is the bit i’m going to shorten. Mrs Buchans H U G E speech about coming to LHS. It went on for ages and then finally, after that we all went and got our  prefects and they took us to class.I had Maths first of all which wasn’t to bad.After the teaching part of the lesson we all moved down and had lunch. I had a Pasta King,which was amazing! After lunch Lewis, Harris & Skye(i’m in Skye) went to different workshops. My first day at LHS was great!

 11th June- We akll walked up as usual and went into the assembly hall. Today was going to be a hard working day with no workshops or anything at the end. I had English which was great, Maths was ok,i had H/E(cooking) which i really enjoyed because we made cakes and then i had Geography which was the most boring thing on earth.

12th June- It was my last day and i was really upset i didn’t want to leave! We all walked up and did the same routine as the last 2 days. Assembly hall/Classes. I had H/E,English and french. For lunch i had a baguette with cheese yummy! After Lunch the three houses Lewis,Harris & Skye went to more workshops. I was sad to leave high school on Thursday but its not to bad because i’m going back in August forever

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What is sad?-Sad is a type of emotion in wich people are really down all the time. I dont like people being sad because sometimes they are really nasty to you and make you feel guilty.

What to do if your sad?- Your Friends can help loads. They can make you feel really good inside and make you feel all warmy and nice.

What is Happy?- Happy is an emotion which is opposite from sad and if  you are happy you smile all the time  and are just really full of energy and HAPPY!! 😀

How to be Happy?- If you are a little bit on the sad side here are some tips on how to be happy. Smiles make you miles better and you smilimg will make others smile.Treat everyone like you would want to be treated. Dont be nasty and just love everyone.

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Wooo!! 😀 Its Aerdonaig 2mowz and i’m soooo excited!. I just want to say Hi to Nadine and sorry i haven’t been blogging for ages guys 🙁 Been really busy. Yesterday me , Sophie,Darcie,Maryam,Ainsley and Rebecca went to this I.C.T thing with Mrs Vass. It was really fun and we got these huge scones with jam and butter. yummmmy! 😀 I will let you know how i get on at Aerdonaig soon ;; byee x

Donate something

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim the english channel? I have D It would be cold and everything but to know you have just swam miles and miles ‘AMAZING!’ I got the idea of this post from Sport Releif. I think its a great idea to raise money. Maby you should check David Walliams out (The guy who swam the EC). Please donate something–Go onto the sport Releif website. Your just one click away from saving someones life. )


Maybe you didn’t know this about me but// ‘The Hills’ is my favourite t.v programme.I love lipgloss!.Oreos taste great D I like getting milk moustaches! Summer Fruits  diluting is my fav drink. I love salty popcorn ) Jacqueline wilson is my fav author. River island;New look & Zara are my fav shops. I am really crazy. Zac Efron is the worlds greatest.Michelle Pfeiffer is my idol.Darcie;Monica;Sophie;nina & Rhiann make me laugh. I like playing hairdressers with Bethany. Miss law has really cool hair wich i love.Mrs Vass shops in M&S all the time wich makes me laugh.I like bright neon colours.I have a passion for Fashion and i think i have said everything! D